Choose your stock type for your project

gsm = Grams per square inch, this means the weight or heaviness/thickness of the paper or card stock (ie: the higher the gsm, the thicker and more rigid the stock).

**Wide format printing for large posters.
Stock options for large format are as follows:
80gsm Bond - Uncoated stock, printed colours will not be as bright and colourful on this stock. Low cost thin paper.
160gsm Matte - Coated stock which looks an feel like uncoated but prints with good bright colours
180gsm Synthetic - Sythethic stock which is both tear and water resistant, great for plans or outdoor posters. Silk finish
230gsm Satin - Coated semi gloss photo paper. Great for full colour images and photos
285gsm Backlit - Backlit film for lightboxes

If you require more info, stock types or advice, please see our Product Information page or Contact us.

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