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Printing booklets is a standard practice for many businesses. Booklets are used for marketing, such as brochures, or as catalogues for products. Even though almost everything is digital now, there’s nothing quite like seeing a beautifully printed booklet that customers or shareholders can hold in their hands. 

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking to print a catalogue, employee handbook, manual, prospectus, annual report, or even a magazine. Whatever your needs, we have the booklet printing solution for you.

Booklets: What Are They?

A booklet is a type of print publication usually distributed for marketing and information purposes. Booklets can be in the form of product catalogues for retailers, a brochure that introduces your services. Other uses for booklets are: 

• Annual Report
• Magazine
• Instruction Manual
• Employee Handbook
• Promo and Coupon Book
• Directory
• Symposium and Event Guide

Highlight your business or products by printing a catalogue style booklet.


A5 Portrait booklet with Silk paper throughout


A4 Portrait booklet with Velvet laminateion outer cover


A5 Landscape booklet with Uncoated cover and silk interior

Booklet Design and Customisation

The Print Company offers booklets with a variety of options to make them customisable to your specific needs. We focus on quality, custom booklets, where you can select your requirements for an instant quote.

They are often used to inform customers and business stakeholders during meetings, presentations and at in-person events. During times of pandemic, why not stand out and use direct mail to post your booklets to prospective customers. 

A well-designed booklet can add to the professionalism of your work, make your brand more memorable, and even be made with striking customisable designs.


A4 Landscape booklet with Uncoated recycled paper

Booklet Features

Customise your unique booklet based on a number of options including:

• Size 
• # of printed pages (in sets of 4 pages - 8, 12, 16, or 20) 
• Self-cover/hard cover options
• Portrait / Landscape Orientation
• Saddle Staple Finishing 
• Stock Type


A5 portrait booklet on gloss paper throughout

Booklet Size

Booklets can be A4, A5 or DL in either portrait or landscape in orientation, simply select this from the Orientation option on our quote page.

We can also do custom sized booklets, just send through an email request and we can quote it up for you.


Sqaure booklet on uncoated paper

Booklet Stock Type

Choose from 100% recycled, uncoated, silk and gloss papers, thicknesses from 100-350gsm and outer cover laminate options for hardcover books. 

If you require booklets with options not available online (more pages, different sizes, stock types) please contact us. Email any files over to us that you would like to include in your design, and make all of your specifications before submitting your order. Then, simply verify the final designs before they go to print, and ensure that everything is ready to your standards. We take care of the rest!

Whether it’s an external meeting or an important internal stakeholder presentation, you will have multiple booklet designs to choose from, along with a number of different finishes which you can select from our online booklet page. 


A4 Protrait Booklet with Velvet lamination and Scodix (raised clear)

Why Use Booklets?

Now that you’re aware of the full range of options for your booklet, you might be wondering why you should use one in the first place, especially in the Internet Age. 

A Physical Item is More Meaningful and Memorable 

Nothing beats holding something tangible in your hand. That’s why many business owners still invest in print materials for marketing or informative content. 

If you are attending a meeting or hosting a presentation, a professional booklet is complementary and can make your information more meaningful. The process of opening a booklet and reading provides an experience that you won’t get with digital presentations. A booklet will allow the reader to focus on the subject at hand (literally) rather than get distracted by other web elements on their computer or phone. 

Striking Designs are Memorable

There’s something about beautiful imagery on detailed covers that has the ability to really grab an audience’s attention. Vibrant colors, printed crystal-clear images, and logos, all help to tell your story right in front of their eyes.

You can use customised designs to create flow between the cover, inside and back of your booklet. Your customers will appreciate the extra detail and will remember the thought that you put into it.

Booklets Add to Your Professionalism

A well-designed presentation booklet shows that your company is organised and professional. By using a printed booklet to inform customers, shareholders, and colleagues, you show that you care about details and that you value their time. A booklet organizes the content you’re presenting to others. Simply put, a booklet will add to your professionalism as a whole.

Booklets are Great for In-Person Events

Whether it’s a tradeshow, in-person presentation or seminar, booklets can be great for making things easy for your audience and potential clients. A booklet will not only inform the readers, but also stimulate their senses with stunning visuals. This will surely leave a lasting impression. 

Another great thing about distributing booklets is that once attendees leave the event, they will still have a piece of your business with them. A printed booklet is an in-hand reminder that they should continue to engage with your business and maybe even make a purchase.

Order Your Booklets Now

If you’re looking to set up a booklet design, or have more questions about a custom job, contact us! The Print Company will be happy to discuss your design options and set up a job with your budget and specifications in mind.

All files should be supplied as print ready PDFs. 

CMYK colours, High resolution images (300dpi), 3mm bleed on all sides and trim marks included.

Please visit the customisation menu to get a more accurate estimate of costs.


A5 portrait booklet on uncoated paper with diecut front cover


DL booklet on gloss paper throughout


A5 portrait booklet with silk paper interior, matt laminated cover and Gold foiling


A5 portrait booklet on uncoated paper throughout

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