The Print Company Terms of Use

This agreement applies to all orders and purchases on The Print Company’s website or through The Print Company directly.


  1. Prices quoted on The Print Company’s website or via written/emailed quotations are non-inclusive of GST (goods and services tax) unless stated otherwise.
  2. All prices quoted are in $AUD.
  3. Payments for print orders must be made in full before the start of production of any order unless expressly approved by The Print Company.
  4. Payments for custom design orders require a 50% deposit on accepting a quotation and the final payment to be made before the project goes to print.
  5. Additional fees that may be applied for hard copy proofs, file corrections, non-standard delivery address/arrangements must be paid before The Print Company commences the order. The Print Company will not proceed with an order or send the order into production until all applicable fees have been paid.

General print

  1. The Print Company takes no responsibility for and is not liable for the following:
    • errors in a client’s file, which include but are not limited to: font issues, colour problems, inferior image quality, image resolution, text/spelling mistakes, overprinting issues set by the client, bleed, lines or fonts too thin to print correctly, copyright images.
    • duplicate orders by the customer
    • incorrect shipping address supplied
    • undelivered packages/ delivery attempts 
    • damage to the products after delivery to you
    • delivery delays due to improperly prepared files
    • incorrect dimensions, image orientation or file submission in non accordance with The Print Company’s file suppling specifications
    • errors in user-selected product types, size, finishing options, stock types, quantities.
    • design or colour selection issues in files created or supplied by the client
    • errors in file layout for folding, scoring, hold drilling, die cutting or other finishing or custom services

      The Print Company will not be liable for any of these issues unless a hardcopy proof has been requested and paid for by the client whereby the final product differs from the signed approved hardcopy and was not apparent in the hardcopy proof.
  2. All prints will be output in CMYK inks only unless specified by The Print Company and/or a custom quotation has been made.
    The Print Company will endeavour do its best to ensure constant colour reproduction and matching as closely as possible to Pantone colours. Please not that all screens and monitors are calibrated differently therefore sometimes the colour on your computer screen may not look the same as the printed product. To ensure the closest representation to your desired colour we encourage you to choose your colours from the Pantone colour chart and convert them to CMYK.
  3. Production time and delivery time can vary depending on the type of product and the quantity required. We will always endeavour to get your job into production and delivered to you in the shortest possible time.
  4. If you discover any problems or errors in your printed product where The Print Company is at fault, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can investigate and solve the problem as quickly as possible. An email with an explanation and photo evidence is required. The Print Company reserves the right to request the return of some or all of the original order before reprinting or issuing a refund.
    If we determine that The Print Company is 100% at fault, we will reprint the part or full order if required at no cost to you.
    The Print Company will not be liable for any defects, shortages, damage or non-compliance with the specifications of the order unless the client notifies The Print Company in writing with full details within 7 business days of delivery of the goods.
  5. If you discover a fault in your files after they have been submitted for production, please notify us as quickly as possible so that we may be able to stop it from production before it is printed. In cases where the job is already in production, part or all of the print cost will not be refundable.
    In the case where the job has not gone into production yet, a re-submit fee of $10 (which covers the cost of verification and admin fees), plus any costs involved with modifications done by The Print Company which will be discussed at that time.
  6. The Print Company reserves the right to refuse or deny printing of certain material which it finds offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-social, that promotes terrorism, vandalism, hate and violence.
  7. In certain circumstances where a correction needs to be made to the files either requested by the client or for printing purposes, The Print Company will communicate with the client the reasons why, the costs involved and the option for the client to make the modification themselves and re-submit the file to The Print Company. 
    At this point the client can decide to cancel the order with a full refund minus verification and administration fees of $10, or proceed by either supplying a new file along with paying the re-submit fee of $10 (which covers the cost of verification and admin fees), plus any costs involved with modifications done by The Print Company which will be discussed at that time.
  8. The client acknowledges that there will be slight variations in the colour of the job from the computer screen to the final product, during the printing process and from job to job. The client also acknowledges that trimming may vary up to 1mm each way from the trim lines on the artwork.
    These variations do not constitute a fast in the print job.
  9. Due to the nature of printing and depending on the complexity of the job, The Print Company shall not be liable for delivering non-exact quantities with larger runs.
    We will endeavour to deliver the correct quantities to the client, but the client must acknowledge that in some cases there may be a few sheets short or overs supplied. At The Print Company’s sole discretion, in a case where the order may be slightly short, will be either a refund of monies paid for the shortage on a pro rata basis or a re-print of the shortage quantity to be undertaken by The Print Company within a reasonable period of time. Overs will not be charged to the client.
  10. The pricing on The Print Company’s website or quotation unless otherwise stated does not cover the cost of a hard copy proof if so requested by the client.
    In the event where a client requires a hard copy proof, it must be requested at the time of the order being placed and will incur a proof and delivery fee determined by The Print Company which will be communicated to the client before being processed. The fee will be payable before the proof is sent to the client.
  11. Where a client provides supplies or used its own images, fonts, information or text, the client warrants that they own the material or have permission to use the material for print. The client understands that they are liable for any copyright or licence issues that may occur if they fail to do so.
  12. The Print Company remains the owner of any and all of The Print Company’s own material, including print, digital material, data or information. The client must not copy or disclose any of The Print Company’s materials or intellectual property to any third party with the express written consent of The Print Company.
  13. All custom design orders will include 2 corrections and changes included in the price unless otherwise agreed upon in the accepted quotation.
    Any subsequent changes or corrections will incur extra charges on top of the accepted quotation.
  14. All custom design projects must be printed at The Print Company before any print ready files will be handed over to the client. 


  1. Delivery fees are included in the price of the order to any single metropolitan Australian city address. The Print Company reserves the right to charge additional fees for delivery to areas outside the Metro areas or if the goods are delivered to multiple locations and/or of a non-standard size.
    If an order has been submitted and The Print Company determines that the order will incur an additional freight fee, the client will be notified and at that point can pay the additional fee or decide to cancel the order with a full refund.
  2. If the client requests that the delivery can be left unattended in the case of no-one to accept the delivery, The Print Company voids all rights of the client if the package is stolen, misplaced, damaged or any subsequent issues arising from that delivery.
  3. Production time and delivery time can vary depending on the type of product and the quantity required. We will always endeavour to get your job into production and delivered to you in the shortest possible time.
  4. All orders will be shipped via our courier company unless expressly requested by the client. All orders are tracked by The Print Company and require a signature on delivery. At this point the client is responsible for the goods received. Goods may be left unattended if chosen by the client during the checkout process online at the risk of the client whereby The Print Company is long longer liable for lost or damaged goods with this option.

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