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Folded Cards

Print your own custom greeting cards perfect for any special occasion (Christmas, Anniversaries, Thank you, etc). 

Folded cards come on their own or with envelopes.

Artwork setup + Options Information

For best printing results, please read and follow the information below

Artwork specifications & Setup for Folded Cards

Please ensure that you upload print ready PDFs.
A print ready PDF needs to be:
• High resolution (300dpi images)
• CMYK colours,
• 3mm of bleed on all sides,
• Trim marks supplied

If you are unable to supply as print ready PDF, we may be able to use other files and fix any that are not print ready.
Please Contact Us or send your file to us to verify if you are unsure.

Need help to order Folded Cards?

If you need help or more information about what this means or how to setup your file, please see our Print Specifications page in the How it Works section on our website.  You can also Contact Us for more information.



Our standard sizes are:
A5 (148 x 210mm)
A6 (148 x 105mm)
This is the folded finished size

Custom sizes are possible but they require a custom quote, please Contact Us for other sizes

Stock Types & GSM (thickness)

The Following Stock/paper options available online, more are available by request.

Coated 1 side - The outer side of the card (front & back) is coated for brighter colours and nicer finish. The inside is uncoated so its smudge resistant for easier writing
Available thickness online - 350gsm (thick card)

Coated 2 sides - Both sides of the card (front & back + inside) is coated for brighter colours. Care must be taken if writing on the inside to wait for the ink to dry to avoid smudging
Available thickness online - 400gsm (thick card)

Uncoated - Standard uncoated
Available thickness online - 300gsm (Medium cards)

Uncoated 100% Recycled - Made from 100% recycled materials
Available thickness online - 350gsm (thick cards)

GSM stand for Grams per Square Metre. So the higher the number, the thicker and more rigid the paper/card stock.

Folded & Envelopes

You can choose between just having the cards supplied or the envelopes also.

The envelopes supplied are regular white envelopes unprinted.
If you require coloured envelopes or printed envelopes, please Contact Us for a custom quote. 


A variety of standard quantity options are available online, but if you need a quantity not listed, please get in touch for a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bleed? And how much bleed is needed for Folded Cards?

Bleed is area where an image or object of colour runs off the edge of the page (leaving no white border).  For Folded Card printing, the minimum required bleed amount (or extra that the image or object passes over the edge of the page) is 3mm on each side.

For more information on bleed, visit our ‘Print Specifications’ page.

What is gsm?

gsm means grams per square metre. The lower the gsm, the thinner the paper/card stock and the higher the gsm, the thicker the paper/card stock.
A typical standard paper you would use in your home or office printer would be 80-90gsm. A letter head or with compliments slip are generally 100gsm. Standard brochures, flyers or handouts are typically 150-200gsm. Premium flyers, brochures, invitations and postcards are between 200-300gsm. Business cards start at 300gsm to 350gsm and for premium cards go from 400 to 600gsm for specialty cards.
Posters range from 150gsm to 220gsm in general depending on the size and purpose.
If you are unsure what gsm is best for you and your project, we are happy to help or recommend the most suitable for you.


I'm unsure of the printing terms, how Folded Cards work, or what I need, can I talk to someone?

Yes! If you are not sure which Folded Cards type, paper, finish best works for you or are confused about ordering online, please get in touch with us and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

What are print ready PDFs?

Print ready PDFs is a term used to describe how the file is setup and saved.

To achieve best print results, your print file must contain bleed, trim marks, high resolution images, fonts converted to outlines or embedded and transparencies set as required. 

For more information, visit our 'Print Specifications' page to download 'PDF present settings' and view 'Export to PDF' instructions.

Can I order different quantities than the options available on the site?

Yes! If you require a quantity that isn't available in the pull down option, please Contact Us. We will provide you a quick quote to meet your specific needs.

Can I order more or less Folded Cards than the options available online?

Yes! If you require a quantity of Folded Cards that isn't available online, please Contact Us or click 'Get a custom quote' on the Folded Cards product page. We will provide you a quick quote to meet your specific needs.

Can i print a Folded Cards with other card stock or finishes?

Yes, the options are virtuality limitless, the items listed on our site are the most common and standard types, if you are after a particular stock type or finish, contact us and we can quote it up for you.

Email us or fill out the 'Get a Custom quote' form on the Folded Cards page and we can prepare a quote for this.

How long will my Folded Cards take to be delivered?

Delivery times will depend on the Folded Card type, quantity and the complexity of the order (for eg: finishing or special print effects). 
For standard Folded Cards we estimate delivery around 3 business days, more complex or specialty stocks or finishes can be up to 5-7 business days.

If you require your Folded Cards by a certain date, please Contact Us for a more accurate estimate.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Delivery times will depend on product type, quantity and the complexity of the order (for eg: finishing or special print effects). 

For simple product printing (for eg: Standard business cards), you can expect delivery in 2-3 business day.
For complex and labour intense products (for eg: foiling, boolets, speciality finishing), we estimate delivery between 5-7 business days. 
Products that require Foils can take up to 7-10 business days for delivery.

If you require a product by a certain date, please Contact Us for a more accurate estimate.

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