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The world we live in seems to only become more and more modernised each and every day. So, while it might seem strange to think about in the world of the commonly talked about cloud, and the digital processes that exist for almost everything, presentation folders still prove to be a relevant item in today’s business world.

A presentation folder can hold many different forms of print, with anything from sales and marketing materials to important or confidential documents. 

We’re here to run through what presentation folders are and how they can be useful for your business. You might even find that they can help your business to grow!

Presentation Folders: What are they? 

A presentation folder is a type of folder made for holding documents together for protection. It can also be used to keep documents organized.

Presentation folders are often made out of thick, sturdy card stock and include inside pockets that are meant to hold your papers and documents. They are often used for things like sales meetings, in-person events, or a variety of different types of presentations. Presentation folders can add to the professionalism of your work, make your work more memorable, and even be made with striking customizable designs.


The Print Company: Presentation Folder Designs

At The Print Company, we offer presentation folders with a variety of options to make them customisable to your specific needs.

Our style options include a number of different folder styles with different inside flap options and gutter sizes. We also have the ability to adjust the inside flap and gutter sizes of the folder to suit your custom job with a custom quote. You can also choose between a matt laminated, gloss laminated or non-laminated finish. Further custom designs are also possible here at The Print Company, with unique touches like our scodix raised clear to make a logo really sand out or add a unique feature..


How to Set up a Personalised Presentation Folder

You can easily set up a personalised presentation folder with us here at The Print Company. We focus on quality and ease of choosing your presentation folder where you can select your requirements for an instant quote.

Whether it’s an external meeting or an important internal stakeholder presentation, you will have fourteen different presentation folder designs to choose from with a number of different finishes which you can select from our ‘Style’ menu.

Simply decide on the presentation folder style that best suits your requirement, then download the template file which you can use to create your artwork for your personalised folder. Once the artwork is ready to go, select all the desired options with the dropdown menu, upload your file and place the order. If you need any help or guidance along the way, we are happy to help.

If you need us to setup the artwork, please let us know and we can prepare a quote for this option.


How to Set up a Customised Presentation Folder design.

At The Print Company, we can also do customised folder style and designs if one of our many templates don’t fit your requirement exactly.

You can send us your pre-made dieline or we can create these to suit your needs.

Once the dieline (folder style template) is created, we can prepare a customised quote for your presentation folders.

We can then send you the dieline (folder template) for you to prepare the final artwork, or we can prepare it for you also.

There are many options and finished available, from laminations, stock types, embossing, foiling, scodix and more, if you need your presentation folders to really stand out or have a unique feature, get in touch and we can create your ideal presentation folder.


Why Should You Use a Presentation Folder?

Now that you’re aware of the full range of options for your presentation folder, you might be wondering why you should use one in the first place.

A Physical Item is More Meaningful

If you are going to a meeting or looking to present something special to someone, a presentation folder is a great way to make your information feel more meaningful. The process of opening a folder and going through it provides an experience that you won’t get with digital presentation methods.

The ability to see and touch a physical item in person adds a special element to your presentation. A presentation folder can even help your intended audience to feel that you have put some real thought into their experience.

Striking Designs are Memorable

There’s something about beautiful imagery on detailed covers that has the ability to really grab an audience’s attention. Vibrant colours, printed crystal-clear images, and logos, all help to tell your story right in front of their eyes.

You can use customised designs to create flow between the cover, inside and back of your presentation folder and even match your presentation folder to the rest of your documents. Your customers will love the extra detail and will remember the thought that you put into it.

Presentation Folders Add to Your Professionalism

Tossing a pile of papers on a desk in a meeting screams everything but professionalism. By using a presentation folder to neatly hold your work and keep it organised, you will add to your professionalism as a whole.

Store documents in a particular order and hand off to your customer to explore. You won’t need to worry about what is where and will be able to more easily organise your presentation ahead of time. There’s nothing quite like being well prepared!

Presentation Folders are Great for In Person Events

Whether it’s a tradeshow, in person presentation or seminar, presentation folders can be great for making things easy for your prospects. They hold all of your informative documents in one simple package that they can carry with them throughout the remainder of the event.

The great thing about it is that when they do leave the event, they will still have a piece of your business with them. An in-hand reminder that they should continue to engage with your business and maybe even make a purchase.

Sales Meetings and Welcome Packs

Aside from in-person events, presentation folders are great for your everyday sales meetings, or can be used for welcome packs to new employees or in office visitors.

Using a presentation folder to store information on new or existing products is a great way to wow your clients. They will feel that you have put plenty of time and effort into what you are selling to them. You can easily use the same presentation folder and exchange out new information as needed.

Welcome packs can also benefit from a presentation folder as they are a great way to make a good first impression. Put everything they need into one simple welcome pack and use it to add a personal touch for their experience with your business.


Order Your Presentation Folders

If you’re looking to set up a presentation folder design, or have more questions about a custom job, contact us! The Print Company will be happy to discuss your design options and set up a job with your budget and specifications in mind.


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