Pull Up Banners: A Valuable Print Asset

If you’re involved in marketing and promoting a business, then you know the importance of business events. Whether it’s a corporate function, a product launch, an exhibition or a tradeshow, you would see such an event as a real opportunity to reach out and get up close with people, especially with those who aren’t very familiar with your company. And while it matters to know how to speak and interact with those people confidently, there is another side of the strategy you can’t ignore: visual aids. And that’s where pull up banners become particularly useful.

What is a Pull Up Banner?

A pull up banner, also referred to as a roller banner, serves as a backdrop that promotes and advertises your company or brand to attendees at an event, show or presentation. It comprises a retractable pull up graphic plus a base unit which enables the graphic to roll into and stretch out from its base. It’s this roller mechanism that makes the banner portable and easy to store safely when retracted. The structure enables the banner to stay firmly in place when opened up, and it can last the whole duration of the event.


Why Use a Pull Up Banner?

The advantages of pull up display banners stem from these fundamental benefits: portability, versatility and cost efficiency. Think about the way you can roll up sleeping bags when you are going on a camping trip, or the way table tennis nets are stored in the game room when no one is playing. Pull up banners, due to that kind of retractability, are easy to set up and then collapse and pack up every time. Securing them with the accompanying pole is hassle-free, and the routine never has to change. 

Pull up banners are handy for so many needs or situations. They can be used for backdrops and temporary signage when people attend trade shows and similar events. They can be set up in front of a restaurant or store, in order to promote a sale or display a new offer. Wherever and whenever a permanent sign isn’t feasible, a pull up banner can be brought in to do the job just as well. These banners truly are versatile.

Are pull up banners expensive? Definitely not, especially compared to their pop up banner counterpart. And even if you do spend quite a bit on their design, it’s worth remembering that they last a really long time, in contrast to other materials like leaflets. So if you or your colleagues are scheduled for promotional activities in back-to-back-to-back events for a stretch of time, wouldn’t it be practical to have a couple of pull up banners ready? That is a no-brainer for sure.


Size of Pull Up Banners to Consider

Given how pull up banners are designed as larger, more imposing objects for the background or beside a booth at an event, there are a variety of sizes you can select from. The industry standard for these banners is 850mm wide and at least 2000mm high. 

At The Print Company, we offer printing services for pull banners with widths of 850mm, 1200mm, 1800mm and 2400mm. All banners have a height of 2100mm, although other options for this might be available upon request with a custom quote involved. It might be good to double-check the back of your vehicle to ensure that there’s enough room to store a pull up banner of your preferred width. But other than that, your real concern here would relate to budget and the appropriateness of the pull up banner’s size, in relation to your physical space at the event.


Type of Material For Printing Pull Up Banners

The material of your banners is another factor to take into consideration. Essentially, you want to make appropriate choices for both the stock, as in the type of fabric being used, and the base, which pertains to the actual unit that keeps the banner steady.

For stock type, we at The Print Company offer the synthetic grey back, which is our standard material for pull up banners. It is basically made of lightly textured, curl resistant PVC material. The grey back component is for opacity, preventing light from shining through the banner from behind. Alternatively, there’s the thick polyester (440gsm or grams per square metre) which is more flexible of a material than the synthetic grey back.

As for the base type, you can either select a silver base, which is our standard base for these banners and also the most economical option, or you can pay a little bit more for a premium black base, designed as a slim line base. It also does appear sleeker when comparing the two.

Tips for Maintaining Pull Up Banners

Unlike non-retractable banners, the distinct advantage that pull up banners have maintenance-wise is how easy it is to keep them safely stored and protected from the air and outdoor elements. Nevertheless, some basic practices should still be adhered to. 

Never store these banners in extreme heat or expose them to extreme light while you travel, so that means checking that sunlight isn’t striking it directly in your vehicle. Also, in the event that you need to clean a pull up banner or get rid of a distinct mark, stick to using a mild soap, a cotton cloth and lukewarm (not hot) water. Gentleness is the key here. Finally, do not try to brush, power wash, steam clean or apply any heavy-duty products on it.

Get Pull Up Banners Produced by The Print Company

Here at The Print Company, our team enjoys printing. We love the fact that our business makes printing stress-free for our customers. And that’s exactly the case for our pull up banner printing services.

Visit our website to learn how we print pull up banners in Melbourne easily, catering to all your needs and purposes whether it’s for personal use or business. Get instant quotes on a wide range of print materials with different sizes and stock types available. In just a few quick steps, you can have your own print-ready files immediately processed and your order completed. Let us make great prints for you the easy way.

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