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For more information and definitions of the products, please see our product information page.

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If the product you require isn’t listed in our standard product range, please contact us for a rapid quote.

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Choose the orientation of the books.

Portrait is taller and Landscape is wider.

If you require more info or advice, please see our Product Information page or Contact us.

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Choose your stock type for your project

gsm = Grams per square inch, this means the weight or heaviness/thickness of the paper or card stock (ie: the higher the gsm, the thicker and more rigid the stock).

If you require more info, stock types or advice, please see our Product Information page or Contact us.

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In our standard products you may have the option to choose a lamination and or a Spot UV or Scodix finish.

Gloss Lamination  creates a high gloss finish, enhancing the colours making the print more vivid.
Matt lamination gives a matt finish with a soft silky feel for a professional look and feel.
Velvet Lamination is a super soft matt velvet feel for a luxurious high class finish.

Spot UV & Scodix
Make an impression by highlighting or enhancing a logo, image, text or area of your product with a high gloss finish (flat gloss effect for Spot UV and a raised gloss effect for Scodix) on top of a contrasting matt lamination or velvet background.
For images and more info please see our How it Works page or Contact us.


Foiling is a metallic embellishment added to the paper to achieve a great effect and standout look to your job.
Please note that foiling requires extra lead time to complete the job.
Average time is 7-10 business days for foiling.

For more information on foil types, colours and options as well as images and examples, please see our foil section in product information on our How it works page.

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Do you need your project printed on 1 side only or both sides?

Some options may not be available for all products or stock types.

If you require an optin not available here, (for example foiling with CMYK printing when not availble for chosen stock) please contact us for a rapid custom quote.

Select a process:
Digital (small run - usually cheaper and quicker to produce in small quantities)
Offset (large run - cheaper when larger quantities and is a higher quality of print)

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How many copies do you require of this product?

Please note, your options here are limited the standard product range which could include from 1 to 10,000 in block segments.

If you require more copies or an in-between amount than is available here, please contact us for a rapid custom quote.

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Number of printed pages for this booklet

Note: the number of pages must be in groups of 4 to avoid any blank pages at the end of your document.

If you are unsure or need more information, please refer to our Product Information page or Contact us.

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You can choose either a self cover (meaning the same stock type for the entire booklet including the cover) or you can choose a hard cover from the options listed.

If you require a different stock type than listed, please contact us for a rapid custom qoute for this.

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Please choose your required size.

For pull-up banners, this is the width of your banner.
Our standard sizes include the following: (we also have others on request)
600mm(W) x 1600mm(H)
800mm(W) x 2000mm(H)
850mm(W) x 2100mm(H)
1200mm(W) x 2100mm(H)
1800mm(W) x 2100mm(H)
2400mm(W) x 2100mm(H)

You can refer to our Product Information page for extra space you need to leave for the banner base and bleeds.

If you are unsure of have any questions, please Contact us.

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Choose the number of pages your brochure will have and how its folded.
For example, a single A4 sheet folded in 2 would be a 4pp 1 fold. 4pp meaning 4 pages (front, inside front, inside back, and back page) and 1 fold meaning there is only one fold in the sheet. A roll folded DL would be a 6pp 2 fold (1 A4 sheet folded 2 times with 6 idividual pages).

Expample of 4pp 1 Fold

SingleFoldBrochure_Small Example

Example of 6pp 2 Fold

TriFold_Small example
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Envelopes can be printed using CMYK (full colour), 1 PMS spot colour or 2 PMS Spot colours.

There are a number of differnt types of enveoples to choose from.

Plain - Normal envelope, no window
Window - Clear plastic opening for address to be viewed from letter inside
Pocket - Envelope opening on the short egde
Wallet - Envelope opening on the long edge
Secretive - Pattern on the inside of the envelope to keep the contents secret (non-see through)
Heavyweight - Thicker paper for durability

For more information and template downloads for envelopes, please see our Product Information page or Contact us.

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All of our envelopes for standard pricing are 'peel and seal'. these are the easiest and best envelope sealing type.
Simply peel off the protective strip and close the envelope to seal.

If you require another type of sealing envelopes, please contact us for a custom rapid quote.

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We have 14 differnt Presentation Folder designs to choose from.

Please refer to our Product Information page for style designs and PDF template downloads.

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We offer 2 type of bases for our Pull-up Banners.

Silver - Standard base

Black - Premium base

The number of sheets per pad.

Our standard is 50 sheets.

If you require more or less, please contact us for a custom quote.

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The thickness of the board. 

Foamboard available in 5mm and 10mm
PVC board available in 3mm and 5mm
Corflute available in 3mm and 5mm

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Shape of the magnet

Our standard pricing currently only has rectangle with either rounded or square corners.
If you require another shape or size, please email us for a custom quote.

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