Custom Sticker Printing

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to boost your branding or create the perfect personalised sticker, custom stickers are the perfect choice. Easy to design and available in various shapes and sizes, sticker printing lets you add your logo, business name or your own images to packages, promotional materials, documents and much more. Whatever you want to brand or add personalisation to, designing custom stickers online will make your item stand out.

Sticker printing

Stickers are a useful tool for promoting different types of businesses and are a cost-effective solution that can push your branding and marketing efforts to the next level. Custom stickers are available to meet the demand for size and shape variations and are perfect for various jobs including logo stickers for packaging or mail, product labels or brand information stickers.

The choice to print stickers also gives you the chance to become more creative. To ensure you create the perfect sticker when designing, be innovative with your creations and consider aspects such as the font, colours and how the stickers fit in with your brand.

Sticker printing is also cost effective and a versatile way to reach customers and get your messages out there. There is a wide range of options to choose from at varying costs to ensure that there is something for every budget.

Types of sticker printing

There are several different types of sticker printing available today. The colours, material, size and texture all depend on what you want to use your custom stickers for. The main types of sticker printing includes the following:

Custom sticker printing

Custom stickers are great for building a professional look. Printed on white paper sheets with self-stick adhesive backing and featuring high quality, full-colour printing, these stickers come in a wide range of options, so that you can add them to anything you want to brand. These stickers are ideal to put on bags, mail, product packaging and documents.


Vinyl sticker printing

Vinyl stickers are one of our most popular stock option due to its various use. Vinyl sticker printing is a great option for producing stickers that are waterproof and can be refrigerated and placed in freezing conditions. They can also be put in the microwave and dishwasher without affecting the printing. These are suitable for multi-purposes including promotional stickers, food packaing to bottles and skincare labels. Standard labels come in gloss and matte vinyl which are both durable, full colour and perfect for any occasion including both indoor and outdoor applications. Depending on how many you require, vinyl stickers can be offered as same day sticker printing which means you get them faster.

Sticker label printing

Sticker label printing is great for larger stickers especially for jars, product packaging, wine bottles and skin care products. When you’re looking to add multiple sections of information, ingredients or the product features and benefits, you need a good quality label sticker. These come in vinyl for waterproof stickers or paper labels for shelf items. Depending on your requirements, label stickers are available in an array of sizes and materials so it’s easy to find something that will suit you.

Bulk sticker printing

For larger sticker orders, you can choose to replenish your sticker supply in one go while saving time and money by ordering a bulk custom stickers.  When you purchase a larger quantity of stickers, the less you’ll spend per piece making it an affordable option for those requiring a large amount.

You can use bulk stickers for practically anything and any surface. Use them to label your product packaging, seal your invitations, or as promotional items in your store, at events or at conferences. With an eye-catching design, these stickers can be the perfect complement to boxes, pouches, bottles, and paper bags. Bulk sticker printing can also be customised in a wide  range of sizes and several standard shapes.

Sticker printing machine

A sticker printing machine is perfect for printing stickers fast. These can be basic machines that you can print stickers with at home however if you’re after high quality and professional sticker printing it’s best to go to a company that specialises in sticker printing such as The Printing Company.

If you’re looking for a local printer for custom stickers or labels, you've come to the right place. The Print Company was founded from the need to make printing services better, easier and more convenient for customers. Everything we do aligns with our tagline, 'great print, made easy’. Based in Melbourne, The Print Company has over 16 years of experience in the print industry.

Our staff and printers are experts in their fields with our mission being able to make printing stress free and easy.The Print Company has fast become a popular choice when it comes to creating custom stickers and cheap sticker printing thanks to our fast and easy sticker printing process. Our expert sticker printing team takes the hassle out of creating custom stickers, every time. Some of our sticker services even offer same day sticker printing on bulk orders and custom sticker orders, making it perfect for those last minute requests,

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